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to resuscitate or not?

Raw Power – “Resuscitate” (2010)
Here we have the first Raw Power album in 7 years (just in time for their 30th anniversary), and the first since guitarist (and co-founder, with his brother Mauro) Giuseppe Codeluppi died of a heart attack in the early 2000’s. They pretty much continue what they’ve done over most of their career- play well put together hardcore and punk. The thrash touches (the super fast stuff and shrieking vocals) of their early days have been gone for awhile, but in their place is very solidly executed punk songs with a hardcore edge- no experimentation or fancy stuff. Just good, honest punk with rough vocals and an occasional guitar flare. They also do 2 Stooges covers (understandable since it’s their 30 year anniversary and they named themselves after a Stooges album) and a new version of the title track from their 4th full length “Mine To Kill”.

Most Precious Blood – “Do Not Resuscitate” (2011)
This new Most Precious Blood is pretty killer! These guys take that tough guy metallic hardcore and make it good. Bands like Madball, Terror, and Hatebreed take note- this is how to do this sort of stuff and not be boring (tho admittedly Most Precious Blood aren’t quite in the same subcategory as those bands, but still. If they mixed some of this into their by-the-numbers metalcore stuff, it would be a lot better). They have a very heavy guitar sound, power and crunch and metallic parts, but they bring the hardcore with some speed and snot as well. The vocals are fairly typical, but they mix a lot of original touches into the music to make it more interesting, and the songs are just so good. A very well put together album.
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