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This is a place to write (and read) music reviews for records, cds, and tapes from more underground musical genres- punk, goth, industrial, death metal, black metal, hardcore, grindcore, industrial noise, thrash metal, e.b.m., crust, experimental, horror punk, death rock, darkwave, etc. etc.
:wumpscut:, agathocles, agnostic front, amebix, anal cunt, apoptygma berzerk, arch enemy, autopsy, bad brains, bad religion, bathory, bauhaus, bella morte, bile, birdflesh, black flag, black metal, bleeding through, boris, c.r.a.s.s., cannibal corpse, capitalist casualties, carcass, celtic frost, circle jerks, code 13, coil, cradle of filth, crust, cryptopsy, d.o.a., d.r.i., danzig, dark funeral, dead kennedys, death metal, dimmu borgir, doom, dying fetus, evil's toy, exhumed, experimental, extreme noise terror, faith and the muse, fear factory, fields of the nephelim, front 242, front line assembly, fugazi, goatwhore, godflesh, goth, government issue, grave, grindcore, gwar, h.i.m., hatebreed, haujobb, icon of coil, ikon, immolation, impaled nazarene, in flames, industrial, infest, joy division, killing joke, kmfdm, kreator, l'a'rm, lamb of god, leather strip, legendary pink dots, lustmord, m.d.c., mastodon, mayhem, melvins, mercyful fate, metal, ministry, minor threat, misfits, morbid angel, music, my dying bride, napalm death, nasum, neurosis, nile, nine inch nails, nofx, noise, nomeansno, nurse with wound, pig, pig destroyer, poison the well, power violence, project pitchfork, punk, rammstein, ramones, rancid, rasputina, remembering never, repulsion, reviews, revolting cocks, rosetta stone, s.s.d., samael, samhain, satyricon, screamo, screeching weasel, sentenced, septic death, sepultura, sex pistols, sex vid, shadows fall, siege, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, skitsystem, slayer, spahn ranch, spazz, sunn o))), swans, switchblade symphony, test dept., testament, the cruxshadows, the damned, the dillinger escape plan, the exploited, the wake, thrash, type o negative, velvet acid christ, venom, vnv nation, whitehouse, wire, wolfsheim